OvRcharge Wireless Charger levitates your smartphone at $177 (₹11814.30) like Magic

We live in a time, where the levitating Bluetooth speakers are mainstream now. There are a bunch of them available online and can be easily used with just about any smartphone or a tablet etc. But just when we thought that it’s not going to get any better, now we have a new gig. OvRcharge claims that it can charge your smartphone wirelessly and it will levitate your device while doing it. How cool is that? Well, it obviously comes with its own drawbacks but still.

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Wireless charging was awesome, so what happened to it?

A few years ago it seemed that wireless charging was the next big thing. The idea was simple: you’d put your phone on the bedside cabinet and it would recharge, no searching for and fumbling around with cables required. In the world of mobile it is one of those things that just feels like using the future. It’s so cool, and so convenient, it really perks me up just thinking about it. Just plop your phone down on a pad, or a table and you’re juicing up. The convenience of it is incredible.

Beyond that, there are a lot of other advantages to wireless charging. Just from a durability standpoint, there is no plugging in or disconnecting cables and all the electrical components are sealed within the phone. There are no cables lying around, falling on the floor, etc. These advantages make it one of the more fun things to do with a phone.

But for some reason it hasn’t become mainstream yet – once again, the predicted uptake in a new technology has stalled, despite Samsung’s top-end S6 and S7 models allowing you to charge off any wireless base station. So what went wrong?

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